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Weather has been another hobby of mine since one of my favorite Uncles gave me a combination temperature-hydrometer-indoor/outdoor weather instrument when I was in high school.  I used to monitor local airport frequencies to get consolidated weather reports and continuing education (weather reports on radio and TV in those days were little more than the daily temperature, wind and rain). I cannot accurately remember how many Heathkit weather stations that have been built over the years.  But today's options for home weather stations have went from a consumer to prosumer category.  My present station for the past 8 years is a Davis Vantage Pro-2 wireless unit.  The rain, solar, temperature, humidity and rain sensors are mounted at 7', and the wind sensors at 45'.  Stability and reliability have been commonplace except for two separate fire ant attacks that have caused damage.  Below are links to my on-site weather station and other ones you may find of interest.


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